Why Portugal?

A great country to invest

These are only some of the reasons that will show you why Portugal is a great country to invest in and to do business with…

  • Best Location: Portugal has a privileged location to access relevant markets.
  • Best Technology: Portugal is a top country in providing technological services.
  • Best Infrastructures: Portugal is the 15th country in the world with the best infrastructures.
  • More Markets: Portugal is an open door to a market of 500 million people in Europe and more than 250 million Portuguese-speaking consumers.
  • Best Talent: Portugal has an available flexible, dedicated and productive workforce with a high level of education in business-oriented areas.
  • Best Skills: Foreign languages, mathematics, management and science are some of the areas where the Portuguese show above average capabilities.
  • Best Companies: Satisfied customers.
  • Better Quality of Life: Portugal is a good country to live, invest and build commercial relationships. It is safe, with a pleasant climate, unique environment, good cultural and leisure facilities and high quality health care.

Business Sucession Planning

We activate our worldwide network and our extensive contacts in the relevant branches and countries to solve your personnel challenges. Goldenideas analyze all the relevant job exchanges in the target countries, approach suitable candidates and place adverts in the corresponding media. We create target company lists for each country and approach candidates directly either in their mother tongue or in English.

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