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Business Strategy Consulting Firm

GoldenIdeas has an international team of consultants founded and based in Porto, Portugal with office in Tehran, Iran with a wide network ready to advise in all aspects of our partners’ businesses.

We create long term business relationships between companies, buyers and sellers, by using our expertise on the cultural aspects and language skills of the European and Iranian regions. Thus, creating high quality insights are given in the target markets and genuine experience is added.

Understand the "why" behind the "what" to pinpoint your next opportunity.

Validate strategic priorities, redirect assumptions and reveal new prospects with an independent perspective.


Solutions for your business

GoldenIdeas provides its business partners with customized assessments on complex compliant and administrative issues. The results in competitive trading advantages which global organizations need to succeed.


Portugal is a safe country with great logistic infrastructures, advanced communication systems, and a friendly economic environment. These are some of the reasons why many world leading companies are choosing Portugal to invest.



Understanding the business culture of Iran is the key to success in the market. The misunderstandings and cultural differences are often the reason why the negotiations between Iranian and foreign entrepreneurs fail.


Our Partners

GoldenIdeas counts on the trust and the relationship of partners with high reputation in the national and international market.

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